About Me

My photography journey began in 2016. I have always loved taking photos, but after receiving a second-hand DSLR I was suddenly more inspired than ever. I was amazed at the possibilities and I began to realise that photography was something that I truly loved. Fast forward six months and I was moving to Seoul, Korea. A diverse and stunning city. I hardly needed any more inspiration, but Seoul was just that. The lights, nature, bustle, and the street-life drove me to take more photos, every day I would head out to photograph what I could. To this day, I still feel drawn to the streets of the city to photograph whenever I can. In 2017 I started taking paid jobs, and I began to realise a whole new dimension of photography. Realising people’s dreams, and capturing the most important moments is a wonderful experience and something that I really love. My primary photography passions are golden hour and night-time cityscapes and landscapes. Portraits are a close second, with the emotion and feelings that they capture being memorable every time. While these are my favourite types of photography, I enjoy all aspects of the art. Further, I love challenges. Photography challenges are my favourite! In 2018 my photos of Seoul were featured in Photoville. New York’s premier photo exhibition located in Brooklyn. These photos were then published in a Seoul photography magazine. In March 2019 my photos were also featured in a Veteran’s Heritage Project publication remembering the veterans of the Korean War. If you are interested in working with me or would like to purchase some prints, please feel free to reach out to me. You can do so either below, or at ethan@seoulinspired.com.

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